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And anyway

It didn't happen. And anyway, it was her fault. He's a good guy. He's been through hell. Hell, I tell you. Aren't you people capable of empathy? He was only 17; he can't be held accountable. He had a brilliant future ahead of him. He wasn't even there. He can't remember anything about it. And anyway, he was drunk. She was 15, right? Hardly a baby. She should've known better. She shouldn't have been at that party. She should've said no. She should've stopped him. And anyway, she was was drunk. She can't prove anything without witnesses. Those other women are lying too. Yes, all of them, liars. Whatever happened to innocent until proven guilty? Anyway, it didn't happen. And anyway, it was her fault.

Resolutions revisited

Well, 2016 was quite a year, and many others have summed up its highs and lows better than I ever could. So rather than weep about the state of the world I thought I'd take this opportunity to review my New Year's Resolutions from January 2016 and set some new ones for the year ahead. My first two resolutions from last year were to work through the teetering pile of books beside my bed and buy books from independent bookshops or direct from the publishers I’ve certainly read a lot of books this year, although there’s still a pile by my bed and this is constantly refreshed with new books. I'm still in a book group, which nudges me to read books I might otherwise miss. At some point I should do a post about my favourite books of this year, but for now let’s just say I loved Laura Lipman's Wilde…

There are weeks when just about the whole internet needs a trigger warning

Trigger warning: this post talks about sexual assault.   There are weeks when just about the whole internet needs a trigger warning. Like when the Trump tape came out. I had a brief moment of thinking, Okay, he'll lose now. Thank God for that at least. But there wasn't much exhilaration, and almost immediately afterwards, a heavy, weary kind of pain. Because there were all these high-ranking Republicans suddenly removing their endorsement from Trump, acting all shocked and surprised. This is appalling, they said. We never knew he was like this. How could we have possibly known? Hmmm. Well, there was that woman who accused Trump of raping her at the Epstein party when she was just 13. And Trump's ex-wife Ivana had already accused him of sexual assault and other forms of domestic violence during their marriage. And that was on top of the ample, public evidence of Trump's contemptuous lack of respect for women. Why…