Starting off as a writer can be a daunting and lonely process, but investing in mentoring can help.

Support from peer-to-peer writing groups or course tutors can be helpful, and there is a lot of useful advice available online. But sometimes we all wish there was someone we could approach to ask for advice, or talk through a writing dilemma, or show our work to before it’s ready to share with the world.

As I’ve advanced on my own writing journey, first having a novel published by a small press, and then having that novel go on to win prizes, then gaining representation from an agent for a later novel, I’ve gone from feeling lost and uncertain to increasingly confident in my understanding of this crazy business.

And when emerging writers ask for advice and support, these days I almost always feel I have something helpful to offer.

I’ve also been lucky to have a couple of fantastic mentors in my writing life so far, so I know how useful mentoring can be.

Topics where I can provide support include:

  • How to battle blocks and resistance
  • How to submit your work
  • Dealing productively with rejection
  • Self-publish or traditionally publish, which is right for you?
  • Detailed editorial critique of your work
  • Techniques for structuring long fiction


6 months: I’ll read up to 5000 words of your work monthly, and provide one hour of telephone or Skype mentoring, as well as a written report.


12 months:  I’ll read up to 5000 words of your work monthly, and provide one hour of telephone or Skype mentoring, as well as a written report.


Payment plans available.

Contact me to find out more.


The critical feedback I’ve had on my writing from Becky has consistently proved to be exactly what I needed –  thoughtful and supportive as well as scrupulously honest, helping me understand where I need to strengthen as well as the things that are working well. The consideration and insight that she brings to her process of appraisal have been absolutely invaluable to my work, and I would not hesitate to recommend Becky to any serious writer looking for a skilled critical friend to support them along their writing journey.

Neil McIntosh

Through a series of communications via email and a pre-arranged telephone consultation, Becky critiqued several of my poems and ideas for short stories. Her feedback was always useful, measured, challenging and delivered kindly. I was able to take the critique and edit my work to a higher standard and become more confident to step outside of my comfortable genre to attempt different techniques and styles. During this period of mentoring, I also looked at the stages of publication and Becky’s advice about submission entries was incredibly informative and helpful.

If you are considering having a writing mentor then Becky would be an excellent choice; she is a recently published author and has first hand experience of the highs and pitfalls of the writing process. Her advice, therefore, comes from a relevant and informed arena. This quality of support is worth its weight in gold.

Luisa Frances