Baby X

Baby X is a psychological thriller about motherhood, technology and medical ethics.


Baby X was awarded an Eric Hoffer First Horizon Award in 2017, recognizing ‘superior work by a debut author’. It won the Commercial Fiction category in the overall Eric Hoffer Prize the same year, and scooped up a Da Vinci Eye Award for its original cover art (by illustrator Emma Howitt). The novel was also shortlisted for an International Rubery Book Award in 2017.


Alex Mansfield, the doctor leading a groundbreaking project to grow a human foetus in an artificial uterus, has gone on the run and taken the newborn baby with her. While the child’s parents wait anxiously for news, and the world’s media clamour for answers, Alex’s colleagues are shocked by her actions. Has Alex stolen the baby, or is there another motive behind her disappearance?

Baby X weaves science and medical ethics into an intimate thriller; asking questions without offering easy answers.


Novelist Emily Organ (author of The Outsider and The Runaway Girl) calls it:

“An extremely thought-provoking tale about science and motherhood… A sophisticated debut which raises more questions than it answers.”

Ana Salote (author of Oy Yew) says:

“Rebecca Ann Smith weaves an intricate plot exploring every shade of the maternal instinct: its psychology, physicality and messiness, alongside the ethics of big pharma and the commodification of birth. Baby X is a feminist Brave New World for the twenty-first century. An intelligent, stylish and compelling read.”

Shreya Sen Handley (author, illustrator, journalist and former television producer) says:

“This is a thriller with a difference. What might have been a cold, clinical story about science, medicine and ethics, is also a tale of families, parenthood, fear and the deepest love, which moves along with pace and intelligence, delivering surprises, insights and fuzzy, warm moments too.”

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