Month: September 2018

And anyway

It didn't happen. And anyway, it was her fault. He's a good guy. He's been through hell. Hell, I tell you. Aren't you people capable of empathy? He was only 17; he can't be held accountable. He had a brilliant future ahead of him. He wasn't even there. He can't remember anything about it. And anyway, he was drunk. She was 15, right? Hardly a baby. She should've known better. She shouldn't have been at that party. She should've said no. She should've stopped him. And anyway, she was was drunk. She can't prove anything without witnesses. Those other women are lying too. Yes, all of them, liars. Whatever happened to innocent until proven guilty? Anyway, it didn't happen. And anyway, it was her fault.

Writing goals for Autumn 2018

I love this time of year: back to school and work and a normal routine after the chaos of the summer holidays. And to keep myself from going crazy waiting to hear back from editors about The Tertiary Code, I've decided to set myself some writing goals for the Autumn. So, in the spirit of keeping busy, I commit to: Writing single day (even if it's only a little bit; even if it's crap) Getting up at 6am on weekdays so I can write for an hour before getting the kids up and getting ready for work Having 28 chapters of Book Two drafted by 18 November, and finishing a first draft by the end of January 2019 Not drinking during the week so I'm clear headed and focused for the early starts! Launching myself as a writing mentor and offering my submission assessment service to support emerging writers What are…