Have you got something yum in your tum?

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This erm – poem?- is a result of a collaboration between Dexter and me.  Euan wrote his own poem (image above).


Mum: Have you got something yum in your tum?

Boy:  Have you got a plum up your bum?

Mum: Have you got a flea on your knee?

Boy: Have you got some bread in your head?

Mum:  Have you got some soot on your foot?

Boy:  Have you got some beef in your teef?

Mum:  Have you got some borax in your thorax?

Boy:  Have you got a snack on your back?

Mum: Have you got a line through your spine? Have you got a bit of Prue Leith trapped between your teeth? Have you got Aer Lingus running through your fingers?

Boy:  Have you got water up your snorter?

Mum:  Have you got a stoat in your throat?

Boy:  Have you got a fly in your eye? Have you got a peg on your leg? Have you got a hose up your nose? [Pause] Have you got a plum up your bum?

Mum:  Have you got some balm on your arm? Have you got a hippopotamus in your oesophagus? Have you got a river in your liver?

Boy: Have you got a fart in your heart?

Mum: Have you got rungs in your lungs? Have you got pigmies in your kidneys? Have you got stones in your bones?

Boy: Have *you* got stones in your bones?

Mum: Have you got an adder in your bladder? Are there some curves in those nerves?

Boy: Have you got a train in your brain?

Mum: Have you got a cheap-day-return to Hull in your skull?

Boy: Have you  got a plum up your bum? [Pause] You’ve definitely got a plum up your bum.





3 thoughts on “Have you got something yum in your tum?

  1. Rachael

    Thank you so much for sharing this, I laughed out loud so my son* will probably wet himself when he reads this!

    *He’s known online as ‘Mushroom’ and if you’re interested I write about him a bit more over at motheringmushroom.co.uk


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