Guest post: Hannah Dixon, Sundogs and Diamond Dust

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This week I’m really excited to share a guest post from super-creative and multi-talented tea-blender, lampshade designer and sing-songwriter Hannah Dixon.

Hannah has been working on a project which is a departure from her usual song-writing genre, and shares her inspiration and process below.

The track – which you can listen to below – is awesome: I’ve always loved Hannah’s voice (Kate Bush, anyone?) Plus, any synth track using seal samples is alright by me.

Here’s what Hannah says:


“So, after your New Year’s post about creative projects, I have got to an almost finished stage of this track, and wanted to share it with you.  I know you understand the creative process of writing as well how nerve racking it can be showing off your work…

It’s a move away from my folksy stuff, the result of an immersive project spanning the whole of last winter.

I did this 100% on my own at home after learning to use all the softwear and synth. Finishing the track was difficult as I needed it to be mastered. There were so many tricky parts, including samples of Weddell Seals, that I am not sure if it will ever be exactly right. Not having a studio or studio equipment has also been bothersome!! There are vocal issues I can’t resolve without starting over…. it costs too much to get things mastered… one day maybe??

I became very interested in podcasts of programmes about Nordic and Scandinavian countries, culture, landscape and nature. I listened to plays, sounds, music and wrote this song.

From my research, Diamond Dust is when the moisture in the air suddenly freezes, the air glitters. A Sundog also occurs in very cold bright conditions, because of this Diamond Dust. The light from the sun bends and creates arks, a halo and often looks as though there are three suns.

Here’s the Wikipedia definition : Sundogs are commonly caused by the refraction of light from plate-shaped hexagonal ice crystals either in high and cold cirrus or cirrostratus clouds or, during very cold weather, drifting in the air at low levels, in which case they are called diamond dust.

God only knows what I will do with this – I’m a bit shy about putting it out there and can’t exactly give everyone this massive explanation! My imaginary band name is The Diamond Light Source (after the Diamond Light Synchrotron in Oxford – a particle accelerator!)  Told you it was complicated…

Anyway, I’d love to know what you think,

Love Hannah”



It’s been so much fun sharing this wintry post – massive thanks to Hannah for being so open and generous.  If anyone else has got any work-in-progress they’d like to share on here, send it on over!




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20 thoughts on “Guest post: Hannah Dixon, Sundogs and Diamond Dust

  1. Maddy@writingbubble

    Hannah, that track is awesome! It gave me chills! I loved reading about your inspiration too, and when I listened at the end it made perfect sense. Mind you, even if I hadn’t read the post first, I think the song so perfectly captures the mood and inspiration I would have been thinking along those lines anyway. You have a fantastic voice. Oh, and I now want to visit Scandinavia and see the Diamond dust! Well done for sharing as I know it’s scary to put your work out there.

    Becky, thanks so much for sharing this with #WhatImWriting, I LOVE finding out about all the different creative projects people are working on. xxx

    1. hannah

      Thank you Maddy.
      I am a little shy and humbled that Becky would showcase my songs. I am really pleased you like it. Thank you for your encouragement ladies 🙂
      I love to make things but I am not so great at getting them outside of my own walls. What a lovely friend xxxxxxxxx

  2. Marija Smits

    What a lovely post! I learnt something beautiful and new and science-y (which is very much to my taste!) and also got to listen to some beautiful music. Thanks Hannah and Becky. xx

    1. Becky Post author

      Thanks Marija. glad you liked the science bit. You know how much I also love art-inspired-by-science. Thanks for listening and commenting x

    2. Hannah

      Hi Marija,
      Thank you so much for listening.
      If you are interested in Nordic poetry, music and documentaries, radio 3 have a podcast called Northern Lights at the moment. Perfect timing for me 🙂
      Love Hannah xxx

  3. Alice @ The Filling Glass

    This track is beautiful (although I don’t think my laptop speakers do it justice in any sense). I have no musical abilities, but I love to listen to it. Its always great to understand the inspiration for a track, but I would have loved it anyway :-). Thank you so much for sharing this both Hannah and Becky. xx

    1. Becky Post author

      Thanks Alice. Glad to hear you would’ve loved the track even without the explanation, I think that was one of Hannah’s worries about sending it out into the world. Thanks for listening and commenting x

    2. Hannah

      Hi Alice,
      Thank you for your comments, I am really pleased you like my music:)
      I am near to getting a good quality version onto soundcloud, I am battling with photoshop trying to make the cover for the track. Sounds naff but my ambitions far outstretch my abilities – hence taking a year to get this track out 🙂
      I will post a better version for you to download as soon as I can work it out. Then you can listen on headphones from a phone / ipod for a more immersive sound.
      Love Hannah xx

    1. Hannah

      Thank you Nicola,
      If I could reach Kates dizzy heights of vocal tones I would be over the moon! As a natural tenor / alto I can’t see this happening but I can get a soprano wail out somehow!
      Hannah xx

  4. Sophie Lovett

    I love all the layers in this track, and especially the contrast between the magical lightness of the tune and the power of Hannah’s voice – really great. Interesting to read about the science behind it too… I spent a couple of days in Iceland before Christmas and this is making me want to go back even more! Xx

    1. Hannah

      Hey Sophie,
      Thank you for your lovely comments. Sorry for my late reply, my son ‘fixed’ our router and did not tell us while we waited 3 days for an engineer!
      I think I really need an Arctic adventure. Would you believe I have never actually been anywhere like this…except in my imagination!
      Hannah xx

  5. Nikki

    Hannah, that’s freaking awesome you are so talented. It sounds like movie soundtrack material to me super ethereal. Love it xx

    1. Hannah

      Thanks so much for your comments sweetheart. I am pleased with it but I cant stop myself from hearing the bits I would change, the vocals that are out, the bits I would add. I want to move onto the next one now. I cany go back 🙂 xxxxxxxxxxxxx


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