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Maddy at Writing Bubble

This is a hugely impressive debut, one which wound its way to a satisfying conclusion while leaving me with ethical questions to consider beyond its pages.


There is always a challenge in melding science and story: the science must underpin the story unobtrusively. I probably have a greater interest in the science and medical part of the story than most people, but I’d say that Smith has the balance right. She has created a gripping story, in a world that isn’t too far from our own.

Katherine Lunn

Baby X is a great achievement…. an intelligent novel with a heart.

Anne Goodwin

The novel cleverly weaves the ethics of modern medicine and privately-funded research, along with the poignancy of infertility, into a well-paced thriller.

 Terry Tyler (via Rosie Amber’s Review Team)

Who would enjoy it?  Any women who have ever suffered any problems with fertility; I imagine they would find it fascinating.  Any women who have had experienced pregnancy and childbirth, too, I should think, and are okay with reading something quite hard-hitting; this is a thriller, not a yummy mummy book!

Emily Organ

A sophisticated debut which raises more questions than it answers.

Fifty-Something Fruitcake

A stunning debut… I look forward to reading more from her in the future.

Ana Salote (author of Oy Yew)

Rebecca Ann Smith weaves an intricate plot exploring every shade of the maternal instinct: its psychology, physicality and messiness, alongside the ethics of big pharma and the commodification of birth. Baby X is a feminist Brave New World for the twenty-first century. An intelligent, stylish and compelling read.

Shreya Sen Handley (author, illustrator, journalist and former television producer)

This is a thriller with a difference. What might have been a cold, clinical story about science, medicine and ethics, is also a tale of families, parenthood, fear and the deepest love, which moves along with pace and intelligence, delivering surprises, insights and fuzzy, warm moments too.

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